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you'll find daily updates of DRNO news items relating to big data, data mining and BI; relevant cuttings of other news from around the Web; selected feature articles from our sponsor, other contributors and from other sites that have impressed us; and MR jobs with a focus in this area. Feedback always gratefully received!

Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Fri Jul 6 2018)

How and Why to start using online behavioral data, by Netquest's Enric Cid Read more

Can you name the 5 last web sites you visited last night? As a matter fact, you can't. 29% of respondents don't mention any of the web sites observed using a Passive Data Meter app; and another 28% just get one of the five. Read it

'Be a Monster Truck, Not a Unicorn' - Is VC funding the only way to grow a data firm? Read more

Dean Stoecker of Alteryx comments: 'We never wanted to be a unicorn. We never thought about getting the highest valuation possible. Instead, our goal has been to be a monster truck. It's been about building a powerful business model around a successful platform'. Read it

Tackling the fragmentation of the data / analytics world Read more

What we see from [recent launches]... are various attempts to tame the massive fragmentation in the data world - says Andrew Brust writing in June on ZDNet about four separate launches in the analytics / data space [Quest, Alteryx, SAP and Databricks] Read it

RECENT FEATURES from around the industry...

'How brands can use big data without creeping people out' - a cautionary note from Frances Katz at news publication The Week. 'Having so much information about potential customers at their fingertips may actually be making advertisers lazy... Instead of over-relying on big data, brands should allow it to enhance their advertising, not drive it entirely' (published 13th Nov 2017)

Beyond the Black Box in Analytics and Cognitive - Author and Professor Thomas H Davenport on the need to interpret how *some* AI / machine learning tools arrive at their decisions

Understand the anomalies too - Avi Avital, VP Customer Success at Anodot on 'Business Intelligence 2.0'

ESOMAR Big Data 2016 - a review of the Berlin conference (published Nov 30th 2016)

In the News...

Publicis Health Acquires Payer Sciences
Publicis Health has announced the acquisition of analytics-driven marketing agency Payer Sciences, which helps clients in the sector extract deeper insights into payer behavior. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. More.
New Firm Nonfiction to Seek 'Self-Censored Truths'
In the US, former Gartner and Vice Media execs Ben Zeidler and Gunny Scarfo have launched an agency called Nonfiction Research, which will measure the 'intimate details' of consumers' lives and buying decisions. More.
Workday Buys 'Augmented Analytics' Firm
In the US, enterprise software developer Workday has acquired, which specializes in 'augmented analytics'; an approach that uses machine learning and AI to automate analysis and deliver insights into what's happening in a business. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. More.

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Feature Archive / 2010-2011

Harnessing Hindsight - by Bryan Urbick of the Consumer Knowledge Centre.

Drowning in Data - by John Owen of QSR International.

Current Jobs in this Sector

Manager / Director, Client Solutions, San Francisco, CA, USA (posted Jul 4th 2018)

Client and Team Director - FMCG and Shopper Analytics, Sydney (posted Jul 3rd 2018)

Front End Engineer - Big Data, Emeryville, CA, USA (posted Jul 2nd 2018)

Research Consultant - FMCG Business Intelligence, Somerset (UK) (posted Jun 29th 2018)

Senior Data Scientist, Westlake Village, CA, USA (posted Jun 28th 2018)

Data Analyst Role, Central London (posted Jun 12th 2018)

Insights Director, Hong Kong (posted Jun 7th 2018)

Data Science Director - Market Research and Insight Agency, Central London (posted May 29th 2018)

Data Scientist / BI Solutions Architect, London (posted May 4th 2018)

Senior Data Scientist, Westlake Village, CA, USA (posted Apr 10th 2018)